Too much going on

Hello Forum,

I am bumping in to the same problem since i updated to cubase pro 10 and it is really demotivating me to finish a proper mix.

All these windows, options, channel strip, zones, workspaces.jalalalala whatever. It is really too much for someone who just wants to load a multitrack and even out a simple mix.
I think it all went too far.

Pretty frustrated at the moment and the anger really takes me out of my zone.
Maybe some of you know how i can set up a simple template.

What am i looking for:

  • All i want is a simple window where i see the tracks, so i can cut out some mistakes.
  • To see the stereo out so i can put a limiter/compressor/mastering tool/analyzer on the stereo bus
  • see the bus for the tracks i use.

Thats all. The rest i really don’t need.

Can someone give me any directions on how to achieve this? Otherwise i’m afraid i have to go back to Cubase 6 where everything was simple.

Much appreciated,



I agree. I love all the features of Cubase but for me so hard to concentrate with this GUI with lots of information everywhere and thick borderlines. Especially when the project gets crowded (Though better than Cubase 9) Wish it had a simpler and easier look, like Logic or Studio One. At least as an option.
On Logic or S1 you can always see the fader, inserts, sends on the inspector or docked mixer. And you do not see10s of empty send or insert slots which takes up space for nothing.They are added as you progress. With Cubase inspector and Docked mixer I am always lost and clicking all the time to show things. I hope 10.5 is all about faster workflow and clean up.

Mate go learn you DAW. People likes it for its versatility and powerful tool can’t be simple.
Cubase can be rally plain as hell to make simple mix, but you’d better get a buddy that can answer your simple questions. Cuz you are asking like pre-school things in terms of using DAW.

A great help is a second display. I picked up a very cheap 21’ screen and use it for the mixer and video.

+1 on the 2nd monitor. It’s the only way to use all the windows.

Cubase may be too much for you based on your audio goals. There are many more basic DAWs. Cubase is by far the most feature rich DAW with midi features not found in any other DAW.

Also, based on your goals it appears you need to learn it better. For example you don’t need to see “10s of empty inserts.” There are options for those.

There’s nothing wrong finding a DAW that fits your objectives. However Cubase isn’t going to be simplified for users who don’t understand its options.

I use 3 34- inch ultra wide screen monitors, and feel my workflow is optimized.

Hello and thank you for commenting. I found a button on the top right screen that solved all my problems. “show/hide left zone” accompanied by the “show/hide mixconsole toolbar” that i found on the left of the mixconsole.

I can finally have an overview. pffff

I like Cubase for its versitality and complexity, BUT I JUST WANT TO FINISH SOME TRACKS!
Thanks for all the help people



One button that solves all you problems? Really, I’m still looking for that one? :smiley:

THe point is, guys: quit your idiotic comfort zone when you intend to use software. I know, I know - on child level smartphones and tablets accomplish a lot of great things and this might suffice for you. If you enter the adult market, accept to learn. Be ready to learn. It is absolutely ridiculous that someone does not find out how to hide zones in Cubase.

Sorry for the rant, but some postings really prove that intelligence is diminishing on our planet.