Too much guitar dry signal in earphones

Hello everyone,

I’m brand new to this whole DAW universe and my tech experience is… well let’s just say…underdeveloped.

I’m using Cubase Elements 8 (to start out) and I’ve been able to get some pretty good recordings going. That went rather well.

My problem is: I’m trying to use the effects in Cubase (and other VST effects) for my guitar and the sound I’m getting in my earphones has way too much dry signal (sort of a twangy distorted affaire goin’ on. Which is not what I want). If possible, I’d like to here more of the wet sound without all that twang but, even when I crank up the effects, the twang is still very audible.

What am I doing wrong here? :mrgreen:

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

How are you applying the FX? Inserts or sends?


Probably you are monitoring the direct signal via your soundcard/interface as well as the DAW signal.
Make sure direct monitoring is disabled in Cubase (if it’s an option which depends on your interface)

Then you’ll still need to turn that input channel monitoring down via your interface control panel or on the hardware depending on the interface.

OK. I’ll look into that.