Too much issues on Nuendo 5.5 Crashes all the time

Nuendo 5.5 ha a way too many issues:

1 crashes when trying to audiomixdown a project as seen below the Post.
2 Corrupts projects and they just can’t open in any other previous version
3 As we mixdown the mix isn’t correct with the project ???What happend here
4 When using a Virtual instrument which is an industry standard like East Weast Quantum Leap, 2 in q0 times it crashes

Please this is a rescue call, i have lot of work pending, and i couldn’t just deliver a mix in time which makes me in a fury.

I’m running 3 Studios and each one has a different DAW and Software, had some issues but none of this magnitude.

In the Nuendo 5.5 i’m running a MAC PRO 2.6, 8GB ram, laptop macbook 2.8Ghz 4GBram 500Gb disc, both on mac OSX 10.6.8, i use also Metric Halo 2882 card.

Best Regards
Pedro Jorge
Breyner85 Studios

Process: Nuendo 5.5 [1323]
Path: /Applications/Nuendo 5.5
Identifier: com.steinberg.nuendo
Version: (
Code Type: X86 (Native)
Parent Process: launchd [509]

Date/Time: 2012-01-17 15:54:13.657 +0000
OS Version: Mac OS X 10.6.8 (10K549)
Report Version: 6

Interval Since Last Report: 36343 sec
Crashes Since Last Report: 30
Per-App Interval Since Last Report: 22625 sec
Per-App Crashes Since Last Report: 16
Anonymous UUID: 47693E3F-72D0-46FA-895A-3E5AB04AF1D2

Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x000000005696a000
Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue:

[crash log deleted - is of no use for the users - Fredo ]

If I had to guess I’d say it is related to out of memory errors - mainly caused by large virtual instruments. Can you try rendering some of your instruments and seeing if that helps?

Nuendo has too many issues on your machine and on your setup.
All computers I run, from XP32 to Win7 64, have no problems like you describe.
All rigs run EWQL, Spectrasonics, NI, Melodyne (and a few more ), as well as UAD, PoCo and plugins from about 12 other native manufacturers ( no J-Bridge, though…). Video is rock solid and crashes are down to maybe 2 a week, most of which are not to blame on Nuendo.
OS or the forementioned memory / hardware hick-ups are most likely causing your trouble.
I work with Intel PC, only, So, there can be some Apple related problems, I would not be aware of, too.

Big K

Twice a week? I moved away from Nuendo for my main work partly because it crashed twice in one month.

I haven’t had ProTools crash in a year and a half. The same goes for three other systems. Rest assured I am not trying to derail the thread but only suggesting that I would expect quite a bit more from Nuendo than two crashes a week, and certainly not a crash every 2 in 10 times using an EWQL instrument.

To the OP - there are other issues going on - be sure you aren’t eating up too much memory (i.e. less than 1G free remaining?). Nuendo does not like to be pushed to the limit of memory; and crashes with corrupt projects are a primary result when that happens. Other than that, look for a bad install, system/OS issue, etc.

hi pedro

that’s not normal behaviour. i can’t remember the last crash we had in n5. if you post a project that misbehaves to an ftp site and pm the access details i’ll try and repro it for you.

Big K wrote: … crashes are down to maybe 2 a week, most of which are not to blame on Nuendo.
CSD wrote: Twice a week? I moved away from Nuendo for my main work partly because it crashed twice in one month.

I didn’t make myself clear, sorry… maybe 2 crashes on all studio machines (4) and laptop, together…
AND most of those where not Nuendo related.

Good luck with Alsihad…lol…
A DAW that never crashes…How boring … Probably just like a Mac never crashes, either… LOL

Big K

Cannot confirm. N5.5.1 rather solid here.
It does crash from time to time, but that’s rare an usually related to speakerphone…


The last crash I had was yesterday - I got the dreaded “CPU Overload” error.
On restarting, neither my iLOKs nor my UAD expansion chasis (with 2 Quads in it) were working so I had to restart the system after powering down completely & shutting off the expansion chassis.
This, however, is most likely because I am running on XP/32 with 2Gb RAM.

Although why this should be such a problem when 90% of plugins were UAD and the other 10% were Slate VCC is beyond me I have to admit - but having saidthat, XP is no longer a supported OS so I cannot complain too much.

Hi everyone
I hadn’t one virtual instrument, which it is just crazy, had 93 tracks with lots of automation, anyway it doesn’t seem to me like a reason to crash. At this Standard of software i accept a crash once a year. Please test your updates before putting them into market. I tryed with Pt 112 tracks on the same daw an just works flawlessly. Thats what i expect from N 5.5

Thankx Max
I’m away til monday i’ll put on a ftp by then.


Hello Big K

Thanks for your post, i’m happy that it works for you, but i have more than 2 crashes a week, and i think it’s too much for me.

If for most people it is stable, but for you it crashes, it is probably your system - if you believe it is your system, then you (can) have control over the problem - if you believe it is Nuendo, then you don’t.

I use all sorts of software on my DAW - including PT occasionally - and I am always surprised when any of it crashes. On a well setup system, it should be a rarity with nearly any widely used commercial software.

I’ve had the video engine crash 3 times in the last week, killing my session…not fun stuff.

5.5.2 update?

Which video type (codec) ? And have you contacted Steinberg Support?


Thanks for your post, but as you can see those Daw work on other software like PT or Logic flawlessly, what i think is the issue is the update 5.1.1 for Mac, which seems to me has a lot of bugs on mac platform, i’ll try the 5.2 now.

If you google a little bit, you can find at least 6 important bugs on this version.
Example why does it have an incompatibility with slate digital plug ins, and with ewqlso virtual instrument, trough mac of course?

These are my main issues, but the worst is the audiomixdown doesnt sound like the project, that never happend before.

Best Regards

Hello Perdo,

Please get in contact with our support department to solve the issues on your computer.

The contact details can be found here.



I can confirm #2. It’s been happening to me A LOT, and it makes me really nervous.

2 Corrupts projects and they just can’t open in any other previous version