Too much load on VST instrument (crackles & pops)

Hi, as the topic suggests when I play polyphonic on some presets in my synth VSTi, the system can’t handle it.

Is this usually a buffer issue? If so, what is the max buffer that I generally should stay below?

Does the ASIO latency compensation feature work with any size delay?

depends on your system, asio driver, plugin, etc 256 is bare maximum for realtime use anything greater gives noticeable latency.

Is it normal that there are no crackles when I first open the project, but as I keep recording takes, the crackles come through? Would that still be a buffer issue?

I thought that if it was a buffer issue it would be crackling from the start.

If you’re adding more vsti or plugins or just playing more notes at once, then it makes sense that the crackling would start as the computer get’s more loaded down.
But if not then something else could be going on.

You’re not givinhg much to go on…What interface, what buffer setting are you at, what vst instruments are you using. ARe you sure this is crackling from load rather than the instruments distorting as you play more notes…some vsti have much too loud output and need to be turned down.