Too much MIDI activity with EW Play

I have noticed that pressing one short note on any EW Play instance causes Cubase at least 9 seconds of MIDI activity. See Video
With Halion Sonic SE the MIDI activity stops as soon as the note is released. Why is all this activity happening and could it affect performance?.

For what it’s worth, I just loaded up an EW Play instance to test this. I could not reproduce the issue here.


I don’t think this Is RW Play related.

Make sure you have no Remote Device enabled in the Studio > Studio Setup. Some Remote Devices (like HUI for example) are repeatedly sending a message “I’m still alive”.

FWIW I have EW Play and Cubase 10 Pro and have never noticed this problem either. Are you running multiple instruments/articulations with it, or otherwise in a very complex project? It can be a little processor heavy I think. Martin’s answer above mine seems to be on point though, and I’m not really aware of that function being still new to Cubase, so I guess I second that idea. I may as well familiarize myself with it too.