Too much reverb in VST presets

Hello. I find that some Cubase VST presets are swimming in reverb and delay. Good examples are the Halion Sonic Noisy Sax set and many of the Note Expression samples. Can I switch this reverb/delay off? Or is this just the way the sample is, and it can’t be changed? Tx for any help.

You can turn it off

Thanks, Svennilenni. How do I turn it off, pls?

Turning down Reverb Mix and Delay Mix to zero does it for me. As per attached screen.

These buttons turn off the insert effects and aux effects
Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 8.07.28 AM.png

And this screen give more control over all the effects - if you have the full version of Sonic:

Many thanks to all of you.