Too noob with komplete kontrol

So…I don´t know is this familiar style to make songs. But I use guitar pro to write my songs. After the song is ready - I export the MIDI out of guitar pro. Then I just drag and drop it into empty cubase project. And it works. Cubase recognizes and separetes different tracks

When I´m inspecting the sounds on NI komplete - most of them works just fine. Example: I put on track 1 the giant piano sound. I noticed that I have to select on MIDI channel the thing: “omni” and it just plays fine.

But on of the problems is that when I use Kontour on some tracks. If the song is playing and I put example Koto sound, it switches immediately to that koto sound. But when I start the track from different point - it seems like the Kontour forgets that sound and resets itself to some kind of basic settings. I have to always switch it back by double clicking the sound I want. Why is that happening?

The Kontour wasn´t the only one. I think I had similar problems with Rounds.

Any tips? Is this happening because of cubase? Or is the komplete…or is it just me? :smiley:

hey! just wanna say that i use guitar pro to write my MIDI files as well. I just bought Cubase and I fear I will run into the same issue. if you find a solution let me know!

Its most likely that your midi file contains program changes, and Cubase is tracking them. i.e. at the start of the song on each track there is a small amount of midi data that is not a note but a program change tells the bass track to play a bass or the piano track a piano sound. When you change it to another parameter as soon as you stop and restart Cubase it sends out the correct parameter again.
Solution, open the midi file in the midi editor, change the controller data display to show program data. delete the data, it should be right at the start of the track…