took my time .. but impressed

hi all !
i just updated to v6 (05)…from 5… i have finished at long last my last project … …now i can get into getting to know v6… i am looking forward to getting back onto the forum and having a chat and picking your cubase brains…
and at the same time getting my new stuff down to demo…
I took a look to see who i know on the forum and its good to see some of the older users still here…yeh !!!

see you later
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

who are you calling older :astonished: :laughing:

JMCecil …
aw sorry man i did not mean it like that…
if i change that to "Familiar " will that be okay, ???

i guess i better go now and draw my “OAP”" allowance :laughing:

see you later !

If anyone tells you you’re getting old, just slap them round the face with your bus pass !


The older I get, the better I used to be.




Sorry about the missing underpants. In the past, I always remembered to put them on for photographs, but, as I get older, my mind’s more taken up with going to collect my state pension, which - despite what everyone in the Post Office says - is, IMO, definitely NOT an activity that requires underpants.

But there’s no arguing with some people. Nothing seems to persuade them that they’re wrong. They insist they need everyone’s underpants visible at all times, but I say it’s sufficient that all the underpants are visible once one person’s underpants have been selected.

No, not underpants … automation nodes. What I SHOULD have said was that I was sorry my automation nodes weren’t visible.

Oh. Actually, now I realise that’s not a picture of me, after all. An imposter.

That’s the trouble with the internet - you can’t rely on people being who they make out to be. Not that I WANT to make out on the internet. Get a room. Or a hall. Preferably an impulse response, rather than algorithmic reverb.

Algorithm. Al Gore’s got rhythm, Al Gore’s got music, Al Gore’s got my girl - bastard. Wait til I catch up with him. Then he’ll be sorry he didn’t have his underpants on - and what an idiot posing for a photograph looking like that. Lucky he didn’t become president.

Actually, no. On reflection, I’d rather have had a daft-looking grey-haired old troll who always forgot to put his underpants on, than Gee Dubbya Bush.

LOL, that must be the post of the day :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: