Took the plunge

Ordered Cube 6 last night, delivery tomorrow :open_mouth:

'bout ruddy time.
Get with the program.

Gullible fool! :smiling_imp:

Congrats, Philt!

:sunglasses: you won’t regret it!

Hey Brother Phil,

I am a little perplexed in light of your recent thread encouraging back-ups … that you now announce you took the plunger! Seems you are forcing the issue IYKWIMAITYD. :wink:

Anyway, congrats on the CB6 acquisition.

Well, postie turned up with C6. Unfortunately, I was at work so he went away with it :imp:

You will like it!


Well, postie turned up with C6. Unfortunately, I was at work so he went away with it > :imp:

Don’t forget to pick it up from the post office before 12.30 pm tomorrow, or you’ll have nothing to do until Monday. That’s 24/7 UK for you. (I’m assuming you’re UK because you said "postie!) :laughing:

Good luck with it. Mine will not be here until Wednesday. By then I should be hearing some new tunes from you.

Yay, arrived today :sunglasses:


Bollox, elicenser won’t work via a hub :imp: WTF is that all about? :unamused:
I have zero USB ports free. I should be able to plonk C6 on the SX3 dongle though? :confused:

That’s what I did, works fine.

Interesting to know that elicenser won’t work via a hub. I’ve run out of USB ports myself, wondering what I’ll do if/when I need another.

You could, but I wouldn’t chance it overwriting the SX3 license and combine it into the C6. Are they both the exact same dimensions, Phil? If the new one is smaller you might want to tranfer to it, if anything.

That’s why I hesitated Nate :sunglasses: The dongle is the same size. I definitely do not want to be overwriting SX3…

Is it a powered hub? Just curious if it is related to that or not.

Yes, a powered hub. Though the documentation does say “Will not work using a hub” Unfortunately, I only found out about this today reading the documentation :imp: Not sure if that appears on the website, can’t recall seeing it otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered buying C6 :imp:

Phil, what if you switch it with the SX3 dongle just for authorization? If you run Add Hardware, does it list the protection device there?

I like your thinking :sunglasses: back in a few…