Tool bar of algorithm, root key, global-transpose 9.5.50 ts GONE / Disappeared!!!! (SOLVED)

where is transpose and elastique tools in 9.5.50??? seems like disappeared!! this is one of the worst bugs I ever seen in Cubase! how is possible!

I cant see the tool bar for:



global transpose



and so on!! where is it? do I have hiden? or is a bug from this update??

no one can confirm?

so Im back to 41 and the tool bar is back… this is a really bad BUG

u mean this ?

yes exactly, is just hidden? how can I show up that tool bar again?

Usually 3 nuts appear on the right side at the top, but now I have only two: set up tool bar and setup status line… :cry:
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Usually 3 nuts appear

… sometimes more, immediately after the release of every update.

This thread can be locked or merged if admins wish, my sincerely apologizes by the repeated thread, I got in panic in a moment but the issue is solved here:

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! :smiley: