Tool buttons

I just can’t seem to figure out how to get more options when I right click the mouse in for example the project window. When I look at tutorials on youtube, or wherever, I have noticed that they get way more options than me. they get acces to Functions and stuff, but i only get the pointer, trim, delete, paint, time warp etc. Just some few options.

I have tried to look in the preferences, but no luck. Searched this forum and searched the manual. Cant seem to find the place where I can change what options is being displayed to me when right clicking the mouse. Im talking about the options you will get when fex in the project window. Or right clicking on an audio file(even in the audio editor) and I only get the few default options(pointer, delete, etc).

How can I accomplish this? Anyone have any idea?

Allright… I found it. Get rid of the marker in Preferences where it says show tool buttons on right click.
Guess no one will find this thread interesting so just delete it I guess. Nevermind:)