Tool for synchronizing video monitors and audio??

Hello Friends…
In a while I will replace all studio video monitors with LED flat screens.
The old tube TVs have been working so flawless and without synch probs that I do this a bit hasitantly.
Anyway, … for sychronizing Audio and Picture (output through BM Intensity / HDMI from graphic card) there was a certain tool mentioned, some time ago, that was recommended for that job.
I must admit, I have not been paying attention as to what this tool brand was. All I remember is a comparatively high price for a gadget that you use only a few times in a decade.

This is why I am looking for colleague in Europe who would borrow me the tool for a few days.
I’ll gladly pay a fee, shipping both ways and offer a returnable advance security payment over the devices full price.

Thanks, Big K


It’s Syncheck you are looking for.

I wouldn’t say that you only use this once.
I see me using this tool every few months. Driver updates or different screens can mess with the latency.

I’m happy to lend you mine (v2), but wouldn’t the shipping cost be substantial too?


Hello Fredo
Yes, that was the device… it is selling for roughly 400 Euro incl. the DVD.
That seems a bit expensive to me for what it does.

All the more I thank you for your offer … :slight_smile:
I will contact you when I need it.

Meanwhile I keep looking for another tool that does the same for a little more
agreeable price. I might buy that one, if there is one…

Shipping to Belgium (2 kg, 500€ insured) is about 15 Euro -one way.
I don’t know, how much it costs from your place to Munich, though.
Not too steep, I find.

Thanks again!
Keep it burning, my friend

Cheers, Big K

Here’s an alternate from the app store. Appears to have been a rocky start but if you read through the thread, the developer seems to be working hard on the app. John.