Tool Keys Order Changed / Differ on Win & OS X workaround found

It’s been 20 years I was hitting them even with my eyes closed and now I have to re-learn that scissoras are 5 key instead of 3 and clue is 6 and so on. Can we leave it in the same order that all the versions since the beginning of times was? This pencil tool on a 3 key is useless!

Yeah,i feel ya …
Typical Steini behaviour: changing things while nobody (and i mean nobody) asked for it / had complaints about it.
Utterly non-understandable from my point of view.

Warm Regards.

UPDATE! Today i was recording some guitars on my macbook and guess what?!! OS X Version of C10 is STILL THE SAME!!! Guys WHY? Why Windows version has different tool keys layout / behaviour or whatever it is? Like on OS X - the order of those tools is the same BUT! Hitting 3 ignores pencil and eraser tool and selects scissors - aleluijah! Now what’s wrong with Win version? It selects them in a row - as they are presented on the upper panel.

Ok! Good News! I’ve found a solution to customize those keys. 1. Go to C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 10_64 (Yourname means your user account name) 2. find Key Commands.xml and make a backup of it with a different name/different location just for a safety reason. 3. Right-click Key Commands.xml / Open with Notepad. 4. Locate the next strings -

(here I changed value=“3” to value=“5”)

(here I changed value=“4” to value=“6”)

(here I changed value=“5” to value=“3”)

(here I changed value=“6” to value=“4”)

Save. Restart Cubase. Done! ) Well, Ok, as You probably guessed, value=“Tool 3” etc means tool in a numeric order on an upper panel of a main window.
And value=“5” etc means a shortcut KEY assigned to it. Yeah yeah - You’re welcome )))

May I ask something?
Why you guys don’t enter the key commands and just change it to your previous settings?
Open key commands find let’s say the pencil tool, and assign the key you like. Do the same for all tools as you used to work.
Easier would be to save a profile from a previous version you have and load it with all your used key commands.
That’s what I did I have then same workflow like before except some little changes.