Tool to scale automation properly

It would be great to have a tool or modifier so that you can raise a section of automation without having to select the left and right nodes of the automation.

So you would press a modifier key, or choose a new tool, and then be able to drag up and down on a section of automation fo increase or decrease it.

It should also show the amount the level is being increased or decreased.

Yes, like the equivalent tool in ProTools. This tool is super useful and used all the time.

Having to select the left and right nodes is a major pain, especially if they are close to other nodes.

+1 a range of topics is about this operation and how to make it smoother.

Neither Draw or Line tool has any modifiers - so would be swell if there were.

With automation panel floating and fill loop, select a range in main ruler and click again to make active loop.
Then Alt click inside range on automation lane - will set level to where you last Alt-clicked - in the full range.

Wanting to adjust with fader while playing, just activate Write and play back and last value of fader will fill range.