TOOLBAR CUSTOMISATION: Total freedom with what we can place in Top/Bottom panes

It is a real frustration not being. able to. place common toolbar items such as

Tempo & Time sig
Click / count-in
Pre post roll
Record modes
Punch points

in the top toolbar section.

YES YES I know there is a floating toolbar but I suspect many of us would prefer not to have to use it - and just have the items in the floating toolbar able to be in the top pane of windows as one prefers.

It would be such a simple thing for developers just to give us total freedom in this regard.
Modern display resolutions and use of multiple displays now makes the floating toolbar questionable - specially given there has been so much move towards eliminating multiple windows in modern DAWS.

this issue of floating toolbars becomes even more of a headache once one is using lots of different workspaces - haven to constantly remember to save and adjust the position of the floating toolbar in each workspace.