TOOLBARS: Allow us to put any item in either top or bottom tool area!

Currently there are some toolbar items which can only be customised to be put in the FLOATING or BOTTOM tool bar areas.
Why on earth for example can we not put TEMPO and TIME SIGNATURE in the top bar??
This is so arbitrary. And I dont like having to play around with the floating toolbar.
Just let us place whatever buttons and tools that are available - in EITHER of these!

And why has such a trivial thing not been sorted years ago??

Are you referring to the transport bar and the Lower Zone transport?

don’t know the official names but I’m referring too the two “bar” areas that are button or display or control panes in the windows - at top and bottom.

Not the floating transport bar.

The element you refer to as the bottom toolbar is designated Transport and is not actually a toolbar.

Ok so lower area is called Transport,

Regardless, currently Cubase lets us put many transport type controls in to upper bar area. Except for example metronome and BPM etc.

If I prefer to look at the top area for this information instead of bottom, Cubase should let me. the current items that are barred from being added at the top seem arbitrary.