Toolbox in variaudio

Hi there !

Since a few month, i finally decide myself to work with variaudio.
I have a good workflow now and have some good result with voices.
The only thing that distub me, (to really get nerved), is that the glue stick and “cut tool” are outside of the toolbox;
I’m so used to get them in, in every other window, that i can’t stop making right clic in variaudio;
This leads me to editing deactivated, that i have to reactivate every time on up left panel;
This Really kills my worflow !
i have to cross my ultra wide screen with mouse to reactivate too frequently,
i loose my concentration, and finally get nervous…

Am i the only one ?! (this is a real question to everyone)

I’m working at time on the ninth of 10 songs for an “Amateur” choral band with 10 voices and it happenned me really too often.

My wish is that you harmonize the tool boxes, getting those tools back in, or better, build the possibility to do it as an option in variaudio,

thanks reading me and answer my question !

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