TOOLS for MR updated to version 1.7.2

We have uploaded the TOOLS for MR version 1.7.2 for both Windows and Mac OS X.
On Mac OS X, the latest version 10.7 (Lion) is now supported.

As always, you can find the update and the release notes on


and also does this fix the direct monitoring issue?


Link has been fixed, sorry for that. No, it does not “fix” the direct monitoring issue.

Hey Ed,

When will that issue be fixed please


It won’t be fixed as it has never been a feature. This was never advertised.
At the moment we are discussing other possibilities but I cannot promise that the current status will change. As soon as we have some final news on this, we will let you know.


Read this taken directly from steinbergs website.

Miss-leading information on Steinbergs website is:
“Because of the highly flexible driver architecture, both MR816 CSX and MR816 X models are fully compatible with each other and run daisy-chained together on the same system, allowing full flexibility in creating a customized system that offers the needed number of inputs, outputs and DSP capability.”

also :

“Up to three MR816s can be used simultaneously by connecting them in daisy-chain fashion to a computer via IEEE1394 cables. The number of available channels for input and output across the system can be easily expanded simply by adding up to two more MR816s. The MR816 supports up to 48 input and output channels — using only one FireWire port on the computer. All connected I/Os are recognized by Cubase simultaneously, with no additional setup required. Cubase also automatically assigns the correct I/O port configuration for one, two or three units, depending on how many are connected. Even when multiple MR816s are connected, parameters such as those for digital audio input/output”

Full flexibility implies we can do this…

With the previous MLan driver technology I had no issue with doing this…

This was a MAJOR selling issue on me upgrading from my O1X and i88x setup to the MR816 system… I was sold on the ability to work in the same manor as I used to but instead of using the O1X faders for setting the levels I would simply use the onboard mixer in cubase.

This along with the section stating : “True Integrated Monitoring: no latency and dynamic 1:1 hardware/software mirroring” Leads a buyer to believe they can achieve a 48 input system that is fully rout-able with direct monitoring.

I believe that if steinberg are not willing to make a “Fully Flexible and customizable system that offers the needed number of inputs, outputs and DSP capability” Then all people who have purchased the MR series units should be offered either a buy back scheme or some sort of compensation…

Since moving to the MR series my workflow has been hindered and my clients have suffered due to a system that does not truly offer what IS advertised.

Also the deafening silence on this matter from steinberg up until your direct correspondence with me was very disappointing.

I thank you for having the balls to at least now talk about this issue but I do feel in a way we as consumers have been mislead and deserve better…

I spoke to both the sales person who sold the gear to me who was under the impression that it would in fact do as advertised and also Mick Hughs here in Australia who mentioned this issue was raised as soon as the product was released yet NOTHING has been done to rectify it…

It is advertised as a feature and if you cant deliver the feature then we deserve a full refund so we can purchase a product that will give us what we are promised…

Once again I apologize for my up front and forward nature but I have had too many issues with steinberg in the last 12 months to hold my tongue any longer.

Thank you


I agree with you completely Greg.

I made a big investment in five MR816 units when they first came out and feel rather misled.

The whole zero latency monitoring business is a complete pain to setup and is just a fudge that involves sacrificing all of the S/PDIF inputs and outputs to get it working, plus a lot of blind, suck-it-and-see fiddling with the MR Editor.


I respectfully disagree with your contention that direct monitoring was not an advertised feature. It most certainly WAS advertised that latency free monitoring was available with multiple MR816s. Steinberg may have changed its add-copy in response to the numerous complaints - including mine - but believe me that will not be very difficult to produce a copy of the original advertisement copy, both from the Steinberg website and from the original product promo release, that so states. I have a well documented series of communications with Steinberg to that effect. So please, PLEASE don’t leave us hanging. Steinbern needs to address this issue. Either a favorable buy-back of our existing units or a software update to fix the problem would satisfy me, but I suspect that if Steinberg fails to do one of these things, it may well face some unpleasantness in the courts and/or the trades. Just my $.02

Does this imply by putting “fix” in this sense that

a - This doesn’t need to be fixed as it’s not seen as an issue?
b - It’s not really a “fix” because it’s an overlooked and advertised feature?
c - This often talked about “fix” is a stigma in the Steinberg ranks and is a thorn in your side because you can’t fix it?

My colleagues have sent Steinberg in Australia and yourself the above advertising which showed this feature and yet you won’t accept this as an issue. (even banning one our our team from your forum). I too have been told by Yamaha Australia ex (and current) employees that this lack of a feature is a bit of a joke and it’s up to Steinberg to resolve.

Can you have some comments on all this?

If we can get a bottom line - “This will NEVER happen” - then we need to work towards a compensation path for all affected.

I also have found some stuttering on the new Tools under Lion. Not enough to put my head through my monitor, but enough to bring a tear to my eye.

Hi i updated my, but it still says 1.7.0 ???

Why does Ed only reply with little snide comments, we want proper answers on this.

Our request are not unreasonable.

“We’re talking to the developers” - is not a response. This should have been there, and we paid for it.

Deliver, or refund.

I second Niels : Why is the FW driver still showing 1.7.0 ?
My iMac still has connection problems with the MR … this makes me feel sad and I’m thinking of switching to another brand.

Ed Droll - any update from your “engineers”?

And again: Silence from Steinberg, who seem not to be able to face the truth…
Mr. Doll, if you really believe, that a simple statement like “It will not be fixed since it was never a feature advertised” without any further explaination, while just a post below the opposite is proven, will calm down the situation here, then I think, you are the wrong person in the position as an administrative forum leader. The minimum of respect you owe to the users of these products is a clear and understandable explaination, why it will not be “fixed” and what are the detailed reasons behind, i.e. technical issues (which ones exactly?), no further support, too expencive to implement, etc. I can only warn you to keep Steinberg users for idiots… be sure, these users will never come back to Steinberg again… If it is this what you want, ok, then go on like this - otherwise you should think about the way, you - and Steinberg - are treating their customers here, while they are really having troubles after investing hundreds or even thousands of bugs into this crap…

Still silence due to a lack of care for their customers and they have our money so they dont care!

Why is it that when proven wrong Ed you go quiet… You seem like a great person who cares and tries your hardest to help us…

Is this orders from above to shut up and not say anything due to legal implications of false advertising and the possibility of having to offer complete refunds to all who own this unit and purchased it on the principle that it would have the features offered in your press release information?

If I am right about that I know the silence will continue…

And if you have been asked to stay silent tell your bosses to grow up and take responsibility…

I would like an official statement from the top of the top at Steinberg in regards to this matter!


I pulled the plug this week. After dealing with the frustration for 14 months, I’m bailing on the two 816’s I own. I ordered a Universal Audio Apollo and will make it my mobile platform. As soon as it’s up and running, I’ll sell the 816’s.

So, Steinberg: Do you like hearing from disgruntled customers?

Please make the MR816 windows “always on top”