Tools in LE5 for compiling from multiple takes

I’ve seen references to “lanes” in other version of Cubase, but can’t find that option in LE5.

What tools are available for viewing all your takes (cycle recording) and compiling the “ultimate” solo in LE5?

Open lanes for the track, use split and mute tool to pick and choose, delete unwanted and consolidate.

Thanks for your response. I’ve tried finding the “lanes” option (prior to posting) but without any luck. Where is it?

It is not available in LE 5

Is the Part editor the only way to view and edit the takes? I just watched and it seems to provide a reasonable explanation.

Of course it is. :unamused: Even LE1 has lanes.

Just installed LE4 to check. I enabled lanes, imported audio files and comped them in the project window.

Tip: Install LE 5 and you maybe understand what I´m talking about. :bulb:
And no, it´s not even available in the track control settings - it is not available at all in LE 5 - as I said already.
The way to do it in LE 5 is via the audio part editor.

Wow, if they removed that I’m speechless. :open_mouth:

Thanks Thinkingcap. I presume enough juicy features have to be left out of the bundled “lite edition” to make the fully paid-up version worth the money.

Not having used lanes, I don’t know if the part editor is limited, or more difficult to use, but it certainly got the job done. But that has sparked my curiosity… what are the hardcode benefits of the lanes feature?

OK, now I’m in trouble again!

I’ve reviewed that video, and tried again and can’t seem to get all my takes showing as lanes.

What’s the process for getting multiple takes from Cycle recording, into the part editor as lanes?

I don’t have the option for lanes, “stacked” takes.

At the moment, I’m only able to view the last item I selected for “Events to part”

It’s OK, I got it. Use the normal cursor
Click the cursor (just off the event with the takes) and drag the cursor over the event area containing the takes, then select ‘Events to Part’.

Make sure it’s not solo’d if ya wanna hear other tracks while comping.