Tools menu is broken

Just upgraded to SL elements 7 on Mac. The tools menu is not working properly. The tools that contain submenus don’t respond to click and hold. Only by using keyboard shortcuts can I switch between modes of the same tool! Please fix this!

I cannot repro this issue here, both in the stand-alone app and ARA plugin.
Click and hold correctly show the tool sub-menu, so does right-click, ctrl+click and cmd+click.
Can you make a video of the problem ? Does right-click/ctrl+click/cmd+click work for you ? What kind of mouse are you using ?

Hey. sorry, I was on holiday. The contextual menu appears, but on the Macbook Pro main screen. I’m using SpectraLayers with a second monitor. Can you fix this?

Thanks, it seems the same problem happens on Windows with multi-monitor setup. It will be fixed in the second patch.