Tools not working properly on second monitor

For example,

  1. the comp tool will not select a different take.

  2. holding the Alt/Opt key brings up the scissors but will not split the event. Strangely, selecting the split tool does work.

I’m sure there are more examples of tools not working properly on the second monitor.

  1. Cmd+click does not add to selection in the second monitor

Naturally I’m discovering more things that don’t work properly when the project window is on a second monitor…

Key commands are doing very strange behaviors and not what they’re meant to be


When reading your other posts, to me it looks like the modifier keys Cmd and Opt don’t work as expected on your side in general. Isn’t it problem with your computer keyboard?

I don’t have these kind of issues here.

Another thing I am finding: I cannot toggle the cycle on/off by clicking on along the top edge in the ruler… on the 2nd monitor

Ok, but just the other day you mentioned there was a GUI problem that might be due to an external monitor issue.

This shows something is existing that is not quite right with external monitors – which was not the case before.

And see what I’ve listed so far in this thread as to the problems identified.


There are lots of users with an external monitor on Mac (including me). I haven’t seen such a report from another user. Therefore it leads me to the idea, there is something wrong with your system.