"Tools one"

Hi guys

I client just send me a session from cubase 5 (I think) to work, he said that only used cubase stock plugs to do some effects but I got a “tools one” missing plugin.

Anyone of you knows if there was a “tools one” in Cubase 5 that isn’t in Cubase 7 ? What this plug does?


It´s an old Steinberg (IIRC) Plugin that lets you process both channels of a stereo track independently (swap channels, invert polarity, M/S processing, volume).

Oh I see… thanks

I’m looking into the legacy plugins inside the steinberg ftp server, but I can’t find nothing called “tools one” :frowning:

In google I find the image

How about simply asking your client to send it…?

This isn’t “illegal” ? :blush: (honest question)

If it is copy protected, it will not run anyway…

but then again your license is backward compatible

I think Tools One came with WaveLab, not Cubase. If you knew what it was doing within the project, there are any number of ways to achieve the same thing … it was basically a phase switch combined with an M/S decoder.

.Really I have no Idea, I will try to ask him to change or maybe made a render track by track…

…I hope he doesn’t have any troubles

… if he’s still contactable then all you need is a screenshot from him of the settings. To duplicate the effect all you would need to do at best would be to flip the phase of a track or insert an M/S decoder such as this one: Voxengo MSED