Tools update for High Sierra?

Can we expect to see this or is it time to Ebay our interfaces?

I think this hardware is no longer supported but I’m not sure. I have invested in 24 channels myself, I’d hate to be forced to throw it away. Software has turned out to be a killer of old equipment, no more “vintage gear”, unless we also keep old computers and “freeze” the software on them, for as long as they can run that is. At least I wish companies like Yamaha/Steinberg could release the software as open source so we could maintain it ourselves. Just my 2c…

I wonder if something like the RME Digiface USB would work with Mr816 or do we need a working firewire driver in order to enable ADAT?

Per Steinberg support:

MR816X Tools is compatible with High Sierra

@jemangs, Youll need the MR connected to enable the ADAT and also bring up the FADER levels

Great news, thanks!

I missed the compatibility announcement on Dec 6 (