Toontrack EZBass Notation

Using Dorico 5. I just exported a bass line that I made in Cubase 12 with EZBass from Toontrack (EZbass | Toontrack). I exported the midi file and imported in Dorico.

Now I see the following:

The lower notes are keyswitches for the playing techniques. If I select such note then it often also selects the ‘attached note(s)’ above it. Is there a possibility to hide these keyswitches?

Is there also a way to delete them? If I select and delete the lower note, then it automatically deletes the note(s) above it.


If you make sure that you ONLY select the lower note, then only that will be deleted. Dragging a selection rectangle around those low notes without touching the others should be straightforward.

Yes, even I could have though of this :wink:
So, what about hiding? Since I don’t want the playing technique to be removed?

If you actually want the KS to be in effect, then you need to have an Expression Map that triggers them. (Or use a MIDI Trigger Region!)

Thanks. Made an expression map, which did the trick.