Toontrack EZDrummer 2

Everyday my Google+ notifications keep popping up to inform me that Toontrack is ready for you to buy the new EZDrummer. When I thought of this, I figured I’d make sure everyone in the Steinberg realm over here knows whats up.

My first thoughts:

-Rather expensive upgrade IMO $99
-Will Superior be re-worked with the same concepts?
-Nice GUI
-Wonder how the new MIDIfile adapting tools match up to the likes of Jamstix, Logic drummer, etc
-Sound library and humanization engine still sound far inferior to Superior (imagine that…)

I don’t think I’m gonna upgrade, Superior is all I’ll ever need, but it’ll be interesting to see how many here take the leap. What do you think?


I won’t upgrade EZDrummer this time. I’ll wait for Groove Agent 4, hoping that’s the one I’ll ever need.

I’m still looking at these, can’t seem to find something that would let me load my own samples but still have proper mic options, I understand that is because of the way the kits are built, but I wish there were a way they could leave the IRs available for any signals.

And EZDrummer 2 is out today alongside a new Toontrack site redesign.

It’s funny you mention GA4, lots of good people here holding out on it I presume.

Personally I’m still quite thrilled with Superior Drummer’s Avatar kit. Lots of top quality sounds and the MIDI library is miles ahead of the original EZDrummer’s.

I grabbed the EZ2 upgrade and the sound engine is very nice…comparable with SD2 easily. My only complaint is the handling of aftertouch cutting off notes and the inability to use the percussion instruments via triggers instead of through the preset patterns.

Having Superior Drummer, I don’t see a real need for EZDrummer 2…aside form just wanting everything they put out. It looks pretty cool, if I was going to buy EZDrummer for the very 1st time, and/or wanated to upgrade from EZD 1 maybe :slight_smile:

I don’t have SD - so can’t comment on what I’m missing. I do however now own EZD2 - and I love it.

Having a single interface for all my kits, with the ability to mix and match kit parts is big step forward.
The song designer is excellent - in fact its algorithm should really make SD people jealous, hopefully they’ll upgrade SD too… :wink:

In fact beat /pattern/midi file management is taken to the next level of convenience. I prefer midi drums to loops so I program and edit quite a bit - this makes my life simpler, faster…better! LOL

You can mix kit pieces from different EZX’s like the X-Drum feature in SD?


Figured I’d share in this thread too…

Looks interesting. And it’s free if taken during the live session.

Regards :sunglasses:

No !!
Far more easy and that’s the point. No more x-drums.
You can change the sound to a different ezx directly.

Ok - so x-drums was something else? My originals point was that swap per kit part is possible. So I could use my metal snare in the place of my jazz EZX snare… if that was what I wanted. …

Another cool feature is the conplexity customization per part - to many snare hits, click on part and adjust…powerful[SMILING FACE WITH SMILING EYES]

I have SD 2 and BFD 2, so I won’t be upgrading either Bane.

Which one do you find yourself using more often?

So far, SD 2, but that may be because I’m just more familiar with it at this point.

I haven’t really dug deep into BFD 2 as of yet, since I just got it recently.

X-drums was the complicated way is in SD.
In EZdrummer 2 you can just switch the snare as if they are part of the same kit…