Top 5 - survey results..!

Thanks to Tim Grunwald for posting the news…

“Please be aware that some of the requests may not have been implemented in the next version increment of Cubase.”
So, some of these are even more long term (after Cubase9…?)

Anyhow, the top 5 voted for were:-

1. Parameter undo/redo history for MixConsole
2. Enhanced window handling
3. Extend options to import tracks/channels in a project
4. Extend resizing possibilities for the rack zone
5. Basic sampler

Good luck to you if its what you wanted; I voted for other things myself (VariAudio improvements and ‘Smart tool/workflow’ mainly). But of course, I’ll gladly take all the above when they finally come around… :slight_smile:

Though Tim says there will be other enhancements/updates/features along the way, fingers crossed I won’t be waiting a couple of years for the stuff I’d like to speed my workflow…

“the next version increment of Cubase” is it 9.0 or 8.5.4? And will we ever see some new features or workflow enhancements for free :wink:

Thanks for posting this - it would have disappeared from (my) view because the original post wasn’t an announcement.


lol the basic sampler sounds exciting. cant wait.

LM4 will suddenly appear in the plugins folder again.

Yeah thanks for the re-post, missed the original somehow!

That lines up pretty closely with my own personal aims…glad that window handling made it up there.

I can’t understand why people voted for a basic sampler. Whatever is produced will be either a cut down Halion or something that will pale beside third party samplers available elsewhere. I can understand that users new to Cubase or DAWs in general might find it useful, but I would have thought that most current users already have a sampler in their armory.

The problem with the smaller samplers is the lack of a wide range of available/compatible sample libraries. I personally use Kontakt for the obvious reason that there are a large range of free, low cost and more expensive collections available.

Window handling - oh yes and about bloody time.

Same here…thought there’d be more support for automation improvements.

I didn’t vote for this, but I can totally understand it.

The problem with (e.g.) 3rd party samplers is that they are just waaaaayyyyyy too complicated to get basic work done. I often have something in the editing window that I want to trigger sampler-style. For example, a blast or pitched hit that needs to follow the other material. I have 2 choices:

  1. copy it 1 million times, manually re-pitching and editing every instance.
  2. Drag and drop it from the timeline into a sampler and play it in. Done in about 10 seconds.

Ableton nails this. You can drag and drop any clip, even if it’s still MIDI, into a simple, highly-usable sampler, and your source material now becomes an instrument.

Kontakt, Groove Agent 4, and Halion are designed for complex multi-sampled instruments. What we’re talking about here, as described in the poll, is a basic sampler. Again, I didn’t vote for it, but I would welcome something like this.

the other day I had 10-12 metal hit sounds that I thought would be perfect for a percussion cue I was doing. Absolutely no way am I going to deal with Groove Agent and it’s 10,000 different stages of bussing, ADSR, FX, playback modes, etc. I want samples on a key :wink:

Well yes I see your point - provided that is what we get.

I voted for the simple sampler, and I have lots of other options in my arsenal.
But a simple sampler to quickly drag some audio from the timeline into I would use all the time.
And best of all a sampler that gets updated over the course of Cubase versions, and stays compatible with my second Cubase rig. What’s not to like.

And there’s the rub! The temptation here is to “over-design”…which totally defeats the purpose.

A good example to follow is some of Cubase’s MIDI Insert effects, like Arpache 5…does what you want it to, no manual required.

Erm Groove Agent Anyone? It is a simple sampler where you can drag a clip to a pad and play from MIDI data. You can trim clips, fade them, layer them all from a dead simple interface.

…that it probably won’t work properly and consume vast amounts of resources to develop it, which would be better spent elsewhere. You know, the same as most of the big shiny new features.

My heart truly sank when I saw the sampler in the top 5. It was the obvious shiny shiny that I thought most Cubase users would just roll their eyes at. But its inclusion here is the reason why the well-supported Open Letter threads won’t lead to any real change. Turns out that enough people still want shiny shiny, at the expense of workflow, performance and reliability - in other words, business as usual. More shiny features in 9, more new bugs to add to the unfixed ones.

The other 4 are more sensible features. I’m not 100% doom and gloom. But I do weep at all those lost resources if Steinberg do decide to bundle a sampler in 9. Sheesh.

…except that the word “basic” is clearly used in the verbiage, as two other non-basic samplers are already present in the core program.

…except that being able to drop audio from the timeline into a basic sampler is 100% absolutely a workflow enhancer, when the alternative is editing copies of audio files by hand.

Lol, seriously? They just added one to their $49 iPad product…and they have code base from 2 (3?) other similar products…I just don’t think it’s that big of a deal. This is, of course, operating from the assumptions of a currently non-existent specification.

If you’re talking about the old Groove Agent, i.e. the blue one, that disappeared on me somewhere between v7 and v8…it doesn’t even show up in my plug-in manager. Nonetheless, it was great for drums and working with pads, but not-so-great when you wanted the same pitch stretched across a MIDI keyboard, sampler style.

(if anyone knows why the old one no longer shows up in my C8 plugin manager, I’m happy to listen!)

I think he’s talking about the current Groove Agent. Drag and drop some audio from the arrange page and you’re playing the sample on your keyboard in a matter of seconds. Don’t quite get the demand for another sampler myself but I guess the people voted for it so who’s to argue with that?

From the survey list, I think Mixer Undo would have been my most wanted feature (although there were other things not on their list that I’d place above it). If they implement that nicely, it would be very useful. Whilst they’re at it, I think they’d do well to take a leaf out of Sonar’s book and copy their Mix Recall feature:

If you can’t be bothered to watch the video, it basically allows you to store/recall completely different settings for you entire mixer, INCLUDING all the automation, EQ, plugin settings and I think even your VST synth settings. Very powerful.

…or use Halion as an alternative.

That’s a big challenge for Steinberg. I hope we won’t be surprised with menu tabs on the login screen of Windows as a replacement for the menu tabs in the title bars.

One of the things I’d really want are flat note names in the Key Editor and Flat Keys in the Transpose and Root Key functions.

I’d also like two rows for the tool bar and I’d like the tools to be able to be moved around and undocked from the tool bar itself.

I answered the survey, but, honestly, nothing in it seems to be what I’d most like to see in future versions.

I think what’s most important is 1) performance and stability, 2) musically relevantly tool sets, 3) project organization tools. (track sorting, renaming, recoloring, regrouping, etc.)

Take care. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: I am sure someone at Steinberg will go “Hm, innnnnnteresting”.