Top Audio Lane not taking priority

Since updating to Cubase 7 the top lane in the Audio Part Editor is no longer taking priority, ie. if there are other audio parts in the lanes below (within the Audio Part Editor) then the top lane parts are muted.

This happens even if the below parts are muted.

Anyone else have this problem. It makes much more sense to have the audio parts that play, taking priority, at the top. Is there a setting I have missed to change this or is this a bug?

I’ve attached a screenshot to demo … it shows the below parts are muting the top parts even though the bottom ones are muted and the only bit that plays (the bright green part) has no audio below.

Audio Parts at the bottom taking priority.JPG

I believe this is due to the new comping method in Cubase 6.5. Priority is controlled with the comp tool. That’s the tool with the finger pointing. It chooses which track (click) or part of track (drag) takes priority.

See it in action here:

Thanks Soul-Burn

That hand tool to select the parts to play has done the trick … thanks also for the video link