Top-line chord note; stem up and stem down?

Hello all,

This is a ‘jazz/commercial’ scoring question:

Is it possible in Dorico to show a chord that contains only the top note of the chord, but that has stems going up as well as down from the top note of the chord? (other chord notes not shown; only the top note)

This can be achieved in Sibelius with ‘top line chord note’ in the ‘Notehead-Types’ menu.
(Have been away from Dorico for a few months and just getting re-immersed)

Is there a trick to this in Dorico? I’m missing something? Perhaps this could be a future feature request?

There’s no built-in feature for this in Dorico at the moment, but you should find it relatively easy to achieve by creating a two-note chord and changing the bottom notehead either to be 1% in size using the ‘Custom scale’ property, or changing it to be transparent using the ‘Colour’ property, or creating your own “headless” notehead type and using that instead (recipe here).

Excellent! Knew there must be someway to achieve this…thank you! Will check out all the options.

Yay! Just created a “headless notehead” as per instructions. All is good. Thanks!

Interesting, how does this look?