Top line, lyrics, and chord symbols

There was a post from 2017 asking similar questions. I cannot find anything new since then.

I want to create a simple song sheet, comprising the top line melody, the lyrics, and chords (letter chords but additionally a chord diagram chart at the start of the piece).

Is this possible in Dorico (Elements)?

It seems that chord symbols are attached to either the tab or notation of the guitar part, and cannot be added to a vocal stave.
The workaround at the moment is to just have the top line stave, and Shift X to add chord letters above the stave. But no way to add a glossary of chord diagrams?
Similar to fake book style as per attached.


Screenshot 2020-08-10 at 16.35.26.png

Simon, you can show chord symbols above any player. Setup mode.

Chord symbols can be shown globally on any stave from the left panel of Setup mode. Right-click on the vocal stave, go Chord Symbols then set to All Instruments. Note that this menu is player-specific.

There’s also a Layout Option to show chord symbols above the top of the system rather than above specific players.

Brilliant! Thanks both, missed that.