Top of Project Window is hidden

I have somehow managed to move the Project window up so that the top bar and the toolbar are hidden under the top bar of the Cubase 6 window. This problem happened when I was running Cubase 5 and it has continued after installing Cubase 6 upgrade. If I minimise and maximise the Project window, I can see all of it but if I minimise and then restore to a smaller window, the top part is hidden. Any clues how I can move the Project window down without being able to put the mouse over the top bar?

Is there a scroll bar on the right side of the parent window? If not, you may try changing the resolution to see if it shows the screen, resize it, then change the resolution back. Deleting the Preferences might also do the trick.
EDIT: I am certain I have seen people posting this problem before. If you search for it, you may find their solution.

Thanks JL - I didn’t spot the scroll bar on the right side of the parent window, that fixed it. I must get my eyes tested.