Top of time window not visible

I can’t see the top of the “Time” window. Is there anything I can do? Thank you

I guess you have a very fast tempo there? You could try expressing the tempo in a larger note value, e.g. use a half note if you’re currently using a quarter note, or a quarter note if you’re currently using an eighth note.

Hello Daniel and thank you for the answer.
I do write the tempo on the half but in the times window the countdown is on the quarter note.
I don’t know how to set it differently.
accelerando.dorico (575.3 KB)

Unfortunately there’s nothing more you can do to influence the display of the Time track at the moment. We’ll think about how we can make it possible to change the range of tempos in this track in future versions.

Thank you Daniel for the answer.
I often use the time window to set accel. or rit. with precise tempi rather than with %.
But I can do without it with no problem.