Top tie in chord below 3rd line

Is this a rule that I might have missed?
I think this looks better;
(which would be the case if the C also was tied).
I have this setting btw;

I thought it had to do with “above/below 3rd line” but I realize things will not change until the top note becomes E. Is this correct?

Edit: I now find

by default, and this is not reaching the E-space. I don’t understand the rules.


The tie curves downwards because not all of the notes in the chord are tied, so the tie direction is determined by the rules for single ties around the middle line of the staff. I agree that it does look better in this case to curve upwards, but at the moment you will have to flip the tie in Engrave mode to achieve that appearance.

OK. Thanks for the clarification.
But the middle line does not seem to be a “divider”. I would have to go up to E to have Dorico react.
Could this be on the “To-do” list for an update? Flipping in Engrave mode is not a problem, but it would be nice to have it done automatically (and consistently, which a human isn’t).

Does one need to be in Engrave mode to use the F key to flip a slur?
I’m pretty sure it works in Write mode too.

For a slur, yes, but this is a tie.

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