Top toolbar does not respond to touch screen "mouse" input

I’m using Dorico Pro 5, updated to the latest version, with Windows 10.

I have a normal touchscreen monitor (not tablet) that I’m using Dorico on. There are a couple UI elements that do not respond to touchscreen input.

For example, the project selector “splash” screen does not respond to touch inputs.

Once inside the project, everything works with touch, all menus and the sheet UI, EXCEPT the top toolbar with the playback transport and tabs for Setup/Write/etc. I pasted a screengrab of the toolbar that is unresponsive to touch below.

The touchscreen is supposed to behave just as a mouse input when tapping, and every other UI element once inside a project responds, including the standard windows menu bar with minimize, close, File, Edit, etc. I have also tried moving the window around to check if it’s a deadzone in my touchscreen, but it doesn’t matter how the Dorico window is positioned, it is always only that toolbar that doesn’t respond to touch. Oh, and it DOES respond if I use my regular mouse, so it’s just something about the touchscreen it doesn’t like.

Happy to email support and get a real ticket in as well, but the support page suggests asking here first, so that’s what I’m doing.


We’re aware of this issue, @sean2, but at the present time it’s not clear what we can do about it. I suspect you will find that some other parts of Dorico’s UI behave similarly, e.g. the Keyboard and Fretboard panels in the lower zone, the Key Editor, and probably the Mixer as well (at least when shown in the lower zone). We’re mixing and matching two different sets of UI technologies in the main window, and the older one responds as expected to touch events – or rather it treats them just like mouse clicks – whereas the newer one does not, but we found that we had to disable touch events in order for mouse clicks to work properly. This is something we do want to address in future, but at the moment I’m not sure what the solution will be.

Thank you for the response Daniel, is there a relatively recent version I could revert back to that would have the functionality I’m looking for? Thank you, Sean

No, I don’t believe so. You would have to go back to Dorico 3.5, and you would be giving up four years’ worth of new features, improvements and fixes.