Top track list lock position option after using "divide track list"

I use the “divide track list” feature in my template to put markers, metronome, tempo, and chord track in so these tracks are always visible.
This top track list will scroll when I click and drag my mouse in the top track list area. To grab chords and drag them down I select a group of chords and while I am selecting sometimes the track list scrolls down to nothing when I don’t want it to. I wish I could lock the top track list so this would not happen.
Thank you.

Another way to solve this would be to have the option to make these tracks part of the ruler.

+1. I hate when it when I mistakenly scroll it down to nothing. Happens quite often really. :unamused:

Regards :sunglasses:

I was wondering if anyone found a way to lock the divide track list since 2017