Top Zone button gone!

where did the Top Zone button in the Mixer window disappear to???


This is an known issue. This happens when you resize the window and you make it too small. To fix it:

  1. Window > Windows
  2. Select MixConsole in the Windows window.
  3. Click to Reset Layout.

followed instructions.
does not work
on reset the mixer disappears. on re-opening there is still no upper zone button

and i have to correct myself:
the function that is missing is called: show/hide channel racks
the proposed fix is still not working


Then the fix couldn’t work, because it should fix something else.

Could you send a link to the manual, which part is missing to you, please?

here the view in C9.5
C9.5 view.png
and here in C10
C10 view.png
the button for the rack view is missing.


I see. You can enable it under the one of the cogwheel buttons.