Topic: Fireface 802: ADM with Cubase 11


I just get my new 802 and I have some problem.
The 802 is plugged via USB, my OS is Win 10 20H2.

I’m trying to use ADM with Cubase 11.0.20. I state that:

  • I have activated Asio Direct Monitoring on Cubase
  • I am using TotalMix in DAW mode (loaded BEFORE Cubase)
  • I reset the mixer with the DAW preset (all mono inputs and all stereo outputs)
  • Disable ASio Direct Monitoring” is NOT checked in preferences

When I activate monitoring on Cubase channel (orange speaker button) with a microphone plugged in, the meter moves, but I can’t get the sound anywhere. In particular, if any CUE send is active in the active track, it will not work, regardless of which output I connected the Cue send from Cubase to. No issue with my previous soundcard (MOTU Hybrid MK2, which I changed for the Fireface).
What can I try to do? I made a screen with the situation in Cubase and TotalMix.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

I’m really not at ease with the RME driver/TotalMix bundle. Actually, I hate it : too complicated and counterintuitive, this with countless problems in the past due, among others, to Windows accounts. The result is that I use it as less as possible…

This said, I would do these, as first motions :

  • Check both the Disable ASIO direct monitoring setting in the Preferences window of TotalMix and the corresponding one in Cubase Studio setup>Audio system pane.
  • Use TotalMix in ‘Full mode’ : the ‘DAW mode’ has always brought me added routing issues. - EDIT : FWIW, using ‘Full mode’ with TotalMix, I have no issue using any Cue output in Cubase Control room. But I admit that I never use Direct monitoring : the RME drivers are efficient enough to avoid using it (it’s actually the main reason why I keep my UCX).

After this…

Thanks for you attention, cubic13.

As I wrote, I already paid attention to that, of course. I know that TotalmMix in Full Mode is very efficient, but for my work-flow is very important to handle the Asio direct monitoring and the Cues of Cubase.
I tried to use Cubase 10.5 instead 11, just to check if it was a Cubase related problem, but it seems to have same issue.

AFAIK, there is no incompatibility between TotalMix ‘Full mode’ and the use of direct monitoring, but I could be wrong…

Beside this, I just saw these in the UCX manual (things to check additionaly, maybe, and the ‘third row’ -implicitely when using the ‘Full mode’ - is clearly invoked) :

Fireface UCX supports ASIO Direct Monitoring (ADM). Please note that not all programs sup-
port ADM completely or error-free. The most often reported problem is the wrong behaviour of **
** panorama in a stereo channel. Also try to avoid setting the TotalMix FX hardware outputs (third **
** row) to mono mode. This will most likely break ADM compatibility

Set inputs mono / outputs stereo (ADM). Preferred setup for best ASIO Direct Monitoring
compatibility. In most cases mono hardware outputs will break ADM. Mono inputs are in
most cases compatible. If not wrong panning might occur.*

Programs that support ADM (ASIO Direct Monitoring - Samplitude, Sequoia, Cubase, Nuendo
etc.) send control commands to TotalMix. This is directly shown by TotalMix. When a fader is
moved in the ASIO host the corresponding fader in TotalMix will move too. TotalMix reflects all
ADM gain and pan changes in real-time.
…But: the faders only move when the currently activated routing (the selected submix) corre-
sponds to the routing in the ASIO host. The Matrix on the other hand will show any change, as it
shows all possible routings in one view. For best ADM compatibility use mono inputs and stereo
outputs. This setup can be activated globally under Options, Reset Mix.

Overall, it’s so complicated that I don’t even try to get it. No Direct monitoring for me : not worth the hassle…