topic for also adobe premiere users.

I don’t know where to post this, this was the closest I could find.

Anyway, I am getting my head around Adobe premiere because I get a lot of questions to also maker video’s.
Now in Cubase you can make edits while recording and using read and write, so all the movements you make with filters etc are recorded and can be edited afterwards.
It seems that in Video software there is not such thing?!

Is this typical a musicsoftware thing? I would think you could record like fade to black curves and opacity transitions,
all kinds of FX that need to be on the rythm or flow of the music.

So am I using the worng software, AM I missing something or is it just not possible.
(and when it’s not possible, wouldn’t it be cool if it could?)

(I found one thing in Adobe you can 'write’and that is the multicam sequence)


I know this is not Cubase related but I think this topic could be related to musicians)

Greetz DYlan.

I don’t know which version you are using, but I can see why Automation would be omitted from a specific software package. In Vegas everything is automated but it’s not late out exactly the same as a daw.

Vegas rocks. :sunglasses:

So as I understand in Vegas you can automatie edits while running the project as you would with read/write in Cubase?

What do you mean by automate edits? A “for example” would be helpful.

(I use C5 btw.)

what I mean is:

I want one clip fade into another using the Opacity value’s. The way now is to put in Keyframes and
make a curve by dragging the keyframes in the clips.

What I want is to play the project and then “record that movement” with an opacityslider.

Maybe the reason this is not possible is beause editing video in realtime could be to heavy for a PC I don’t know.

I am so used to making edits in write mode in Cubase that I constantly want to do that in Adobe to :slight_smile: