Topic might be a stretch...sorry

I am interpreting the definition of the topic broadly as there is music involved. However, it is really about DVD movie slide show with music tracks. If this is not acceptable, I apologize and moderator, please delete

I am trying to create a playable DVD video for TV with a series of photographs and a Cubase created music track in the background.

The Cubase music track is not my problem…it is using these junk software pieces that “make your pictures into a DVD” Windows DVD or Movie maker assembles the entire show but in DVD maker, I can’t the the sound working and in movie maker, I can’t get it on a real physical DVD. It only plays from the computer. Also have dvd producer that came with the DVD burners but again the music track will not burn OR play from the project on the PC …I don’t think I have the setup wrong but I have been very wrong before so…I’ve burned cd’s and DVD’s successfully before

I can surely appreciate any help with either the junk software or a recommendation for a more light pro version of something that is easy to learn

In advance…thank you

Can’t really help you with your current software but why don’t you have a look a Nero I have version 10 cost me 30 quid.
Piece of cake to use and pretty decent movie maker.

Sounds like all you need and more

Thanks for the tip… Good plan to go with.

No worries… I use it mainly for burning cds,mp3 encoding ect

It has a few different programs burning Rom,backup and restore (I don’t really use that one) start smart and media centre which has the film making/editing suite.

I have made videos with it And it’s very easy to get to grips with,I’m sure someone will suggest something else that has a few more tricks than Nero but for me price wise and the job it does its worth looking at.

What I have is about 560 pictures of my daughters wedding, I planned on just fade in /fade out photo viewing with my recorded Cubase music as the background music.

Using these other software pieces, I had made 9 attempts, spent nearly 12 hours over 3 days and wasted a dozen dvd’s. Really got nothing out of it other than a version that can be played on a computer with the internal playback. I need to make a DVD so they can bring it to other family members to view the “movie”. By the 6th retry, I wanted to punch the monitor :smiling_imp:

I going Nero…tomorrow morning…heard of it for years :smiley:

So again, thanks


I have made dvds that play on my bluray player no probs at all.

I forgot to mention they offer a 15 day trial not sure if it’s limited in any way though?

I picked up Adobe Premiere Elements from Amazon for about $50 6 months ago. Haven’t tried to burn a DVD with it but I’d be amazed if it didn’t.

I put together this one…

…using Windows Live Movie Maker. Free with Windows. :slight_smile:

I tried that one 5 times…when it asked how I wanted to save it, I asked for " burn a DVD". It took forever. Over 40 min to save. Then used 5 different names for the file…I never found them again. After wasting over three hours just to save, I was ready to explode by the fourth time. By the fifth time, I was declarably insane

I think yours came out great…Al

Don’t vaste DVDs. Always create an ISO image from your project instead of burning DVD (if your software supports this). You can then mount this ISO image as a “virtual DVD drive” with approriate software (like this: )

Then you can test the “DVD” before burning it.


Thanks. I love the suggestions you come up with. The real benefit of the DVD is portability. They can bring it “over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house…” .etc…etc.

Jarno , thanks. That seems to say something I’ve heard for years but really never did for a general lack of understanding the process. Those few short words gave me a bit of clarity to go further

The only reason I use a CD/DVD is burning for my sister who’s greatest technology in her house is an old tube TV & DVD player.

That says it all Steve, I love that technology you have there… My next TV will need to have that usb thing too but…they ( my daughter and new son-in-law ) will be traveling to his parents house and other relatives who are somewhat dated in technology as well…I could not even make it Blu-ray…it better just be able to go into a DVD player

I am working or a HTPC for the house. Currently I’m using a sort of 400 DVD jukebox or the fios box and dvr …the bar has a touch screen mp3 jukebox I threw together from my last PC and the touch screen is mounted into the wall…works great. Has Internet radio, weather, video, music, karaoke great software for 35.00 , check out … zenpoint

So you are using a digital converter antenna box for the digital signal into your tv? You are the first person I know using one…( not a criticism…I don’t know too many people and its rare our conversations would turn to TV anyhow). As I know it…broadcast TV does not exist in its old format

I actually still have a few VHS recorders. I have too many tapes of the kids that I still need to turn to DVDs even have a load of 8mm tapes too that need conversions.

I hate to pay to get this done when I have the junk here to do it…I don’t have the time or motivation to sit and watch all that stuff and edit. Maybe it’s better to just copy it all and fast forward on the upside down or blurry footage