ur web is so bad that i cant find anywhere to be helped
VSTAudioEngine2_2019-03-22-120626_Macde-MacBook-Pro-3.crash (70.7 KB)

This is the place to be helped!

What happens? When does it happen, and what do you do?

Any reason you’re still on the original release of MacOS 10.14, and not on the updates (10.14.3 at the moment).

To help others who might have similar problems, you could use a descriptive subject title.

Right, we are here to help you. I will have a look at the crash dump.

Is this a one time crash only? As described by benwiggy, any further information would be very helpful.

ur subject is so bad it’s hard to help you.

Also, spelling.

At Dan, please be a bit more understanding. Here is a non-native trying to get his way around. Imagine you would need to get help on e.g. a Chinese webpage.

I had a look at the crash dump and it does happen when Dorico respectively the audio engine is closing down.
On closing the app is freeing lots of objects and memory and some error is detected and therefore the dump created.
Of course, this shall not happen, on the other hand, it is not that serious, because it does not happen during normal operation.

My question is, does this crash happen on every closing of the program?
Does it happen only if you had a certain plug-in (like e.g. NotePerformer) loaded?

You’re right Ulf, wrong assumption on my part. Apologies, linchien.

Update, I was surprised to find on my Mac also a similar crash dump from some time ago.
Then, trying to reproduce this, I found that it only happens when I start Dorico and then immediately quit it again, that means without loading any project.
Under this condition I sometimes (but not always) get a crash dump in my ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports folder,
but the OS puts it silently in there without throwing an alert box, that’s why I did not notice earlier.

Can you confirm this behaviour?

Hello, Thx for replying…
So i installed the Noteperformer 3 trial, and i used it like hours, but it crashed suddenly. And it crashes after that.
Whenever i press “play”,“save” it will just crash right away.
And i found that it also happened to someone, so i decided to uninstall the Noteperformer 3 trial, and afterwards, some of my projects can change the playback template successfully, but some of them cannot, and those are the projects i’m still working on, the Vst Instrument did change to HALion Sonic SE, but they cannot be played, and it still crash immediately.
Can you plz tell me what to do, Thx you very much! And sorry about my bad attitude the other day, was just frustrated…

You can mail me the broken projects and I can fix them up. Please send to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’

Or you try it yourself, it’s not so difficult. A Dorico project file is a zipped container, so you can simply unzip it with your favourite zip tool. After unzipping delete the file supplementary_data\vstaudioengine\enginedata and zip up the whole lot again (the folders META-INF, supplementary data and the files score.dtn and scorelibrary.dtn). Make sure that you change the extension from ‘zip’ to ‘dorico’.
Then load the project into Dorico and do Play > Apply Default Playback Template.

Thank You!!! It worked perfectly!!!