Hi everyone

Would like to share and show you a tune i have been working on lately. An electronic / instrumental tune. Sounds a bit weird maybe, but i came up with the basic idea to this song in the deep woods of Norway some time ago :slight_smile: On my bike. No joke

I have never been to … well, have a listen and you understand what i mean :slight_smile:

Any comments on the mix ? Thanks in advance !

I have enabled the download option on Soundcloud ; 320 bit mp3


Has a very Eastern music feel to it. Guess you haven’t been to India. Nice percussion! Michael

Now THIS is what they call a “killer mix!” Big, ballsy, but not squashed beyond all reason – perfect, IMO.

Nice job :sunglasses:

Thank you so much Mfox and twilightsong !

Very cool. You nailed a middle eatstern feel.

Doesn’t sound like a Norwegian biketrip at all, but it’s very good :sunglasses: :smiley:
I’m also a fan of your mixes for the reason twilightsong mentioned. It’s big, it’s loud, but it’s not squashed.