Hi guys, In SETUP Mode one can choose a whole ensemble at once…great idea btw! I like the idea where I can choose eg. 4431 (shorthand for 4 horns, 4 trumpets, 3 trombones and 1 Tuba).

Could you, at some point, give use a text box where I can enter my own numbers for Brass, Saxes, WW.


Navy Band has:

Brass: 2351 (2 Hrns, 3 Tpts, 5 Tbns & 3 Tubas)
WW 23321 (2 Flts, 3 Clts, 3 ASax, 2 Tsax and Bsn)

Just and idea. Very quick setup!

Thanks for this suggestion, Hans. In the medium term we expect to be able to allow you to define your own ensembles, but in the short term I’ll see about adding these particular ensembles to the list.