toshiba i5 satellite l755

just bought one of these brand new as a complete bargain ,has anyone got any idea on how they would or do handle c6 64 bit as i know they have integrated graphics and my only experience with laptops was back in the day where you needed a crane to lift them ?

thanks in advance for your input


Integrated graphics are not necessarily a problem, I use my laptop with it’s own screen and an additional screen as extension and that works fine. Wether or not C64 will run well depends on spec, but it should work fine depending on your needs.
Integrated soundcard is another issue though, I find these can be horrible and can struggle playing back a single VSTi fluently. Your best bet here is a cheap external interface if you need portability.

aahh cool , it’s a hi spec processor so there shouldn’t be an issue and i’ll be using the motu as sound source anyway .

best i try it and find out :wink:


ok, yes it’s worth a shot at least. Mind if I ask what deal you got? :slight_smile:

yer sure i managed through a mate of mine getting hold of some liquidation stock got the little beauti for £399 which seemed like a bargain to me as they are £499 at the cheapest . i didn’t really buy it with cb6 in mind but reading the spec on the sandybridge processor im very intrigued into weather its worth having a 64 bit mobile setup . one shall setup and find out :wink:

Sounds good, post back how she does :slight_smile: