This is my first experience with ANY kind of DAW. Will somebody please tell me how to set-up VST connections? Is there an order in which I am supposed to connect stuff? I have Focusrite Rednet1 & Rednet2 units and the Rednet PCIeR card. I have downloaded and printed ALL the pages of CubasePro9 and still cannot figure it out. YES…I confess that this may not of been the best way to start out in the digital recording world…but here I am.
I believe I have the device set-up correct: The Rednet PCIeR card is shown as my ASIO. I get lost in the input/output set-up. Also I have EXTERNAL effects units I want to use and I cannot figure out the “EXTERNAL EFFECTS” routing either.
I have my inputs set as “mono” and the outputs set as “stereo”…Is this right? (yes…I AM THAT IGNORANT)
When I “ADD TRACKS” to a project…how do I get my inputs to show-up on the track list?
I am lost…

Maybe Greg Ondo’s videos can get you up to speed, starting with this one:

If you are just starting on a DAW, I’d recommend ignoring the external effects for a bit. Get your basic inputs & outputs configured. After that get comfortable with using the basics in Cubase (record, do some overdubs, mix etc.), use the internal effects to see how they fit into your workflow. Then starting integrating the external effects into your rig.

That way you can spread out the frustration of I/O :wink:

Also consider reading the manual. :wink: And watch some tutorials, they are the fastest way to get you started. Manual will explain most things in detail, but it’s slower.