Total drag scrolling by holding the central mouse button (including Mixer area) [Edited]

I use the useful drag scrolling function a lot. You can just hold the middle mouse button and navigate very easily. :wink: You get used to it very quickly. So when you see a lot of channels in the Mixer you intuitively try to hold the the mid-button over the faders strip and… :astonished: get a random fader jump instead of navigating.
Please allow mid-mouse-button hold to scroll everywhere including the Mixer area. And it’s a good idea not to let the mid-button click do anything except scroll. What’s the point of dublicating the function of left mouse button when you click on some elements? We all have a left mouse button, and it is obvious to use different buttons for different tasks.

I’ve just edited this post to describe the idea more correctly. Sorry for my English :blush: