Total fail of 8.0.10 update

OK. I will try again. Lots of reads but no help.
I would like to install the 8.0.10 upgrade.
It does not work.
I downloaded the complete 8 installer.
It started, fetched the 8.0.10 upgrade and I was hopeful.
Then it crashed with the MSI error and etc. described elsewhere.
“Solutions” seem to all involve messing the the registry and other things which I am not inclined to do for fear of causing damage. Nor should I have to.
Are there more simple and direct options? Is the problem going to be fixed? Installers should run without these sorts of errors.
Or am I going to be “stuck” with 8.0.5 forever?

Additional information that might help.
The last “Hard Copy” CD I have was for Cubase 7 upgrade.
The rest were online downloads.
I deleted the installers after the update to save space.

Usually, after I install anything including Cubase, I do a Ccleaner, then a computer restart before any updates just to make sure ‘things take a seat’ properly before moving forward.

Not sure what the problem is, but I just did the 8.0.10 update, and it took all of 1-2 minutes without any issues.

Unfortunately now, you just might have to delete a couple of things - like maybe in the preferences folder, or even in the registry. It’s not all that hard to do, but you’ll have to be sure of which to delete 1st.

I believe you can find answers for these things in the knowledge base under ‘uninstalling previous versions’. That may be what’s preventing your update now after so many attempts.

Love that term and great approach.


OK. I will try again. Lots of reads but no help

It is your first post here on the forum.

Please be sure that your operating system is up to date (no info in your post), and be sure that background programs like a virus-scanner are turned off during installation.



I would advise against using registry cleaners unless you know what you’re doing, i.e knowing the purpose of the keys they flag as safe to remove.

You might be fine after a restart, but it’s weeks or months down the line that you could find yourself with a problem, which you then have to trace back to a registry problem :angry:

Thanks to all for your help.
Chris, I was frustrated at posting and having, at the time, 30+ reads and no response. I posted another and was chastised for “spamming” with repeated messages / message not posted. Not very customer friendly.
Anyway, I tried below and that worked.
Again, thank you all for your comments.

Oh. Forgot to paste “the bellow”. Solution was simple as suggested elsewhere in the thread. I re-downloaded the original Cubase 8 Install and extracted the Cubase 64 MSI from in, copied it into the folder with the 8.0.10 MSP, ran the MSP, and a minute later started my new Cubase 8.0.10.
Thanks again, community.

Thanks Curteye!


Generally, most registry cleaners are associated with very dubious and misleading links to get you to download them.

However, Ccleaner is one that is above board in its presentation and availability. I have used it for many years without issues. When cleaning the registry, it usually lists only entries that seem to be directly related to what programs I have recently deleted.

I too had a problem running the update, with it referring to a missing .msi file.

As per an older thread, I:

  1. Ran Cubase8_64bit.msi and selected the Repair button.
  2. Ran the 8.0.10 update without issues.

I had this problem and discovered it was looking for the original 8 install file in the place I downloaded it to.

I went into programs and features (add/remove program), right clicked on cubase and selected repair.

It told me it couldn’t find Cubase8_64bit.msi and that it was looking for it in

E:\Downloads\Cubase 8\Cubase 8 for Windows

Which is where I initially downloaded the full install to

I simply put the full installer into that directory (didn’t run it) and tried re-running the update. This time the update ran 100% fine, I didn’t need to extract anything.

Could this help?

Note Fabio Bartolini’s comment.

That’s where I found out about using Repair mode.

In thinking about it more, I suspect the issue comes from the update file being run from a different place to where the full version install was done from, or at least where Cubase thinks it was.

I think that putting the update file in the same folder as the full install .msi file, and running the full install .msi file in Repair mode forces Cubase to make the current folder the ‘official’ install folder, and thus enables ‘finding’ the full install .msi file to complete the update.

I think that it would be better if an update checked to see if the full install .msi file was in the same folder before crying foul, and bailing out.

I always install Cubase from the same folder in my “Store” drive. I drop every update into this folder and keep them just in case. I suspect some people install from lots of different locations, including memory sticks, which is probably the root of the problem.

To be honest, I don’t understand why the process seems to be such that so many people are having problems doing this. It’s great that the community is helping each other out! To someone looking at updating, though, it’s looking more and more like the situation is… “It will go just fine, don’t worry, just follow the directions … the ones in these three knowledge base articles, those two forum posts plus bits of this one, oh but not that forum post because it gives the wrong advice” … etc.

I am very hesitant to purchase CP8 as a result, especially since my Cubase 7.5 is on the C: drive and I am thinking I’d like to have the new version on my E drive.

Is there truly no: “Hi, thanks for purchasing! Here are the steps to take: 1) …”? Or is there one, and people are not following the directions? Why are there so many problems?

I have installed C8 twice on different computers. The first had 6/6.5/7/7.5/8 all installed on the C drive. Each installed perfectly. I installed them all from the Cubase folder on my Store Drive. I did not have one installation issue.

I had a new computer built and did a fresh install of C8 from my new Store Drive and updated to 8.0.5 and 8.0.10 from the same place again without incident.I have made it a habit to install every bit of software from the same location - although from their own folders - ie. Native Instruments, uhe etc. Plus I keep all the installation files + plus updates should I need to go back and troubleshoot. I don’t think it is a good idea to delete the original installers if you have the space to keep them.

I think that there are very few users who have an issue with installation and don’t think you should be concerned about moving to C8. Especially given that many of the early issues have been sorted out. Installing C8 on your C drive will pick up your preferences/presets etc. from C7.5 should that be useful.

Yup - me too.

I’ve been using Ccleaner for years & years now.

So far, so good.