Total newbie in need of help! No sound at all

Hi all,
I’m a total newbie so apologies if I’m making schoolboy errors.

I’ve just downloaded Elements 9 and have no sound at all. My Nektar GX49 is registering and connected to the software. I have tried to connect to my sound card by going to Devices>Device Set up>VST Audio System then selecting Realtec ASIO as the driver (it’s the only one I have).

I also went to Devices>VST Connections and made sure HD Audio Inputs 1&2 are selected as well as HD Audio outputs 1&2. However when I hit a key or try to play a sample I have no sound. I can see the sample or notes playing but hear nothing.

Is my problem that Cubase doesn’t support my laptop’s generic sound card and do I need another external soundcard or am I missing something really obvious?

Also my elicenser is showing Cubase Elements 11 (Grace Period Eligible). My box has a sticker on with “FREE UPDATE to current version”. Can I just update to 11 via the licenser?
Thanks in advance

You should put up some screenshots. Device setup and VST connections as well as where it shows your license eligible and it will be easier to help you

Thanks for the advice Wickham_Sky. Above are a few screenshots. All advice is greatly appreciated.

To address the license and grace period it looks like you have elemental 11. Not 9. If I understand correctly it is grace period eligible for cubase 12. In order to obtain the cubase 12 license you have to go to the activation manager sign into your account and run a grace period check. Install this on your computer if it’s not there already and run the grace period eligibility check.

See if you can select generic audio driver in the setup instead of realtek. Then redo the input s and outputs.

This should help

Hey Guys I’m going round in circles here. How do I get a Download access code? I’m now trying to upgrade to 12 but as I’ve tried everything else to no avail.

In my top bar it is showing as Devices instead of Studio. Is this because I’m in Elements and not Pro? All the youtube tutorials show this as Studio.

Your download code is in your Steinberg account under your products

Is the download code the elicenser code or the product activation code?

Please have a look here to understand this stuff:


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