Total Newbie to DAW's and VST's

I’m very new to Cubase AL5 and VST’s etc but I thought it was time to try and find some use for it.
One question I have though, is if I was using a VST via Cubase in a live performance situation. Can I route the sound through the midi keyboards amplifier rather than from the outlet on the laptop itself?
And if so how do I achieve that?

Many thanks

Not unless the MIDI keyboard has a soundcard function, which is fairly rare, only a few Behringer MIDI keyboards do that AFAIK, and you probably meant through the MIDI keyboards output rather than amplifier, since I have not seen a keyboard with a built in amplifier since the 1960’s…

In other words the digital information inside the computer has to be converted to analogue information to be able to be amplified, the soundcard on the laptop can do that but most keyboards, even those that have built in synths do not have digital to analogue converters for external audio signal such as coming from another keyboard or a computer.

If you tell us what Keyboard you have you might get a firm yes or no

Hi Thanks for that.

I have a several boards, but the main two would be a Motif xf6 and a casio xw-p1. I also have a lexicon alpha midi-usb interface.
So far I have just used the casio. I can record to Cubase ok. I do get latency using the Cubase sounds, but by using a VST, the latency is hardly noticeable.

Oh yes I did mean the amplifier that the keyboards would go through.

Presumably then if I did use a soft synth live, the laptop would have to be part of the setup and I would take a lead from the computer out to my keyboard amp?

Many thanks for your help and I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Kevan

When you say “the midi keyboards amplifier”, do you mean the keyboards INTERNAL amplifier?
Or, do you just mean the EXTERNAL amplifier that you are patching the keyboard through? If the latter, you could patch the sound out of the computer to a small mixer (with the keyboard output) and then to the external amplifier (or maybe the amplifier has multiple inputs?).

If talking about the former (the INTERNAL amp), this is somewhat of a guess, but I have seen keyboards with an input. Of course, it depends on the keyboard but perhaps it could take that signal and mix it with the keyboards internally generated sound and then send that to the keyboard outputs?


Thanks Jaslan

Yes I mean the external amplifier the keyboard is going through.

It does have several inputs and I also have a mixer, so I can use either.

Another option is that both of my keyboards have a mic input, so I suppose I could use those and be able to control volume levels better.

Regards, Kevan

regards, Kevan