Total recording time

I want to record my group live from our console. Just a stereo track. How long of recording time will I get?

Hi dhawks,

How long of recording time will I get?

Until your disk is full !

You get a warning message in due times before the disk is full.
After this message, you can see during the recording session, inside the iOS settings, how many disk memory is free.

I did several tests about this issue and i had no problem with recording in 44, 48, 96 khz; 16+24 bit,
22 mono tracks simultaneously with external hardware.
No crashes, no corrupt files, absolutly stable recording until the disk is full.

If you want to be on the save time, change to the time display and make an test recording with the iOS microphone
until the disk is full. Don’t forget after delete the test recording files to empty the trash folder.

Note 1 : trash folder UI updated only after loading an inactive project,
Note 2 : long hold the trash button delete all files inside the trash

best jan