Totally baffled by Cubase 9.5 on MacOSX

My main workstation is running Windows but I’m using a MacBook Pro for some location work and it’s been an uphill battle getting this thing up and running. I’m hoping a Mac person can help me out.

My RME UCX is working perfectly. Playback from Cubase works perfectly. The problem is I can’t get any record inputs to work in Cubase. I’m getting input signal on the RME audio interface. Cubase just isn’t seeing it. I have a track in Cubase in monitor mode connected to channel 1 on the RME. And it’s not seeing any levels. VST connections are set correctly. It should work, it just isn’t.

I’ve run out of ideas here, and because I’m not that familiar with Mac I could use some help.
Running Mojave 10.13.6 on a 2015 MacBook Pro. RME drivers are up to date.

Plenty of posts on this all across the forums - give Cubase permission to use your microphone or something like that use the search!

Oh I searched!

And thanks, giving Cubase permission to use the microphone corrected the problem. What a weird, problematic setting :\