Totally confused about installing Stylus RMX 1.95

I would totally appreciate any help with this installation problem, Im Basicly baffled :frowning: I have had a break away from music for 18 months and bought a new laptop/c7 etc. I am now trying to reinstall Stylus RMX. Being an update checker i have found the new downloads and downloaded them (vers 1.95). I have successfully installed the RMX vst and challenge code etc so that is fine, But here comes the confusion; What on earth do i do next? There is no clear instructions about how to install the upgrade, Rmx vsti inside cubase is asking for a sage folder, but i have clicked on every possible folder and it will not accept any of them. Sage data installer wants the initial sage folder that rmx has made to install it there, yet again i have tried every conceivable folder and nothing works, Absolutely awfull. This is a great vst i know that, Spectrasonis are probably the best imo, But their installation guides, especially when the product is older with updates ets is just extremely poor. Can anybody help me step by step to get this thing running. Like i say the RMX VST is runing on cubase fine but with no folders/sounds added, i just need to instal the sound banks into the vst…PLEASE I BEG :unamused:

Have ypu tried watching the installation videos’s. Failing that you should contact their customer support and they’ll get back to you and walk you through it. You just want to install the first version prior to updates. This will install a Sage folder which has all the sample data. You can put the Sage folder anywhere but if not where the installer intended then you need to place the Sage finder(I think its called) to point to the data folder. After that then you should update as I recall.

Hello, I appreciate the reply, really losing faith in the product to be honest. Installation at this stage (vers 1.96) is so confusing i am totally lost. Bearing in mind the original install was 32bit, Now installing onto a brand new 64 bit laptop. I have not found any installation guide for the latest update, I suppose they hope the user will just figure it out somehow? I have tried to phone Spectrasonics several times (American number) But they do not answer the telephone and ask for a message to be left, Which i will probably do. In my opinion and for what its worth; Installation of 1.96 onto a fresh system is so confusing it is effectively not fit for purpose, Great vst’s though absolutely no argument about that. My quest goes on but thanks for the response.

Not clear what the problem is for you. I installed Stylus 64x on a fresh system last fall ,dont recall issues. The install consist of the .dll for the 64x vst which goes into the vst plugin folder in your Program folder and the samples which can go anywhere as long as Sage points to them. Existing installation guide should be the same; did you watch it? Anyway Spectrasonics will follow up on your call by way of email, check your spam folders as it may go there

Hello, The actual 64bit plug dowloaded from them installed without a problem, However it has now stopped asking me for the sage folder to point it to when i open the plug in Cubase, Maybe you can set that manually within the vst without the prompt? I suppose the problem/confusion specifically is sage and getting sage configured with the plug? But well done for installing it without a hitch, I used to consider myself reasonably good with computers until now :frowning:

You have to use the Sage shortcut to point to the Sage folder where the Stylus library is located. Its all explained in the manual which should be in the Stylus folder

GETTING STARTED - Moving the SAGE Directory

After installation, you can easily move the large SAGE directory containing all the sound files to a secondary drive if you wish to free up space on your original installation drive.


• Drag or copy the SAGE folder from your installation drive (C:\Program Files\Spectrasonics) to the hard drive location of your choice.

This can be another drive partition, a secondary internal drive or an external hard drive such as a Firewire or USB2 hard drive, etc.

• Next, right-click the SAGE folder in the new location to create a “Shortcut To SAGE”.

• Next, copy the shortcut to C:\Program Files\Spectrasonics. (if you have a Windows Vista 64-bit system, copy the shortcut in C:\Program Files(x86)\Spectrasonics)

• Finally, make certain to remove the “Shortcut To ” from the name (including removing the spaces), leaving the folder shortcut named SAGE


• Drag or copy the SAGE folder from your installation drive

(For Example: Macintosh HD/Users/user name/Library/Application Support/Spectrasonics)

to the hard drive location of your choice.

This can be another drive partition, a secondary internal drive or an external hard drive such as a Firewire or USB2 hard drive, etc.

• Next, hold (Apple key and Option key) on the keyboard, click and drag the SAGE folder to the desktop to create an alias of the folder named SAGE.

• Next, move the SAGE alias from the desktop to Users/user name/Library/Application Support/Spectrasonics

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Hello and thanks for the reply. The plug itself no longer asks for the Sage directory via a prompt in Cubase so how can i select its destination now? My problem is that i have taken a break from music production and Stylus RMX is a programme that has been updaded several times, I do not find instructions for its updated installation clear, I’m unsure which shortcuts you mean or why i would even need a shortcut, The whole process is awkward. But once again thanks for the reply, I will try to persue the support via email unless somebody could take this to a more basic level for me, Please bear in mind i have installed everything else onto a new laptop without a hitch, Not a newbie.

IIRC you also have to edit/remove the word “alias” from the SAGE folder alias file name after the link has been created.

This is a common issue also with Spectrasonic STEAM folders for Trilian and Omnisphere. Install directions have to be followed very carefully.

Thanks but still no joy. Have tried to phone support yet again and still no answer, Just a prompt to leave a message. Have now emailed them and will try resolve the issue that way, But buyer beware great vst’s but installation proceedures are antiquated.

Deleted everything and started again. Anybody new to Stylus installation with windows 64bit just do this; 1, Download the disc installer from Spectrasonics, then follow each prompt and insert rmx disc 1 from the box, then 2, then each xpanded disc as promped. 2, Downlaod and install the Data updater file and install that, very straightforward. 3, Go back onto the Spectrasonics download page and get the latest version of RMX which at this time is 1.96, im sure 2.0 will be out soon and they will want more money from us but never the less; Download the latest version, then authorize, open cubase and hey presto! Dont worry about mirroring shortcuts etc unless you are using a different hdd’s etc and in which case i cant help…But there we go sorted :slight_smile: